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Due too ill health this business has ceased to operate and is officially closed.
Their fore I am offering all of the components, parts, equipment for sale.
Anyone interested please call me on 0412002617 or email me at mrd@dragnet.com.au.

Parts and Equipment list

1 - turbine complete
1 - 4 metre tower
1 - 2 metre roof mount tower
6 - Fisher & Pykel type 4 generators
72 - magnets to make 3 axial flux generators (these magnets are 2" diameter X 1/2" thick and take approx 210 lbs of force to remove them for a piece of steel)
1 - mold to make the stator for the axial flux generator
1 - jig to assemble/disassemble an axial flux generator
1 - turbine (un assembled missing the main shaft)
3 - spare turbine blades (each turbine uses 18 blades)
1 - CD of all laser cutting programs
1 - machine to test the output of the generators
Engineers drawings to submit to local councils to gain approval prior to errecting a turbine
Mold to rotationally mold the blades (this is a process where plastic granules which look a bit like sugar are weighed an poured into the mold and spun while being heated by a gas flame to make a blade which take approx one hour)
Jigs fixtures etc to make assembly of a turbine as easy as possible.

Any reasonable offers accepted, i am not looking to get rich only to pass on the knowledge I have gained and parts aquired to make these turbines.